Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What have I done to my Child?

Funny and intresting story all at the same time. Ok so tonight I had Young Women's and had to take my kids with me because Shawn is in Alaska on a guys fishing trip with my family. So, we were getting ready to go and I told Amme that she needed to get her running shoes on because we were going on a walk up the canyon. Little side note...she loves these shoes. Shawn bought them for her just before he left on his trip and she wears them to the gym day care every morning because she thinks that she needs to wear running shoes like me. so, back to the point. Amme was putting her shoes on and she said to me..."Mommy, will you be stressed out if I get my shoes dirty." OUCH! "I said, No Amme it's ok." she said..."Oh, ya because it will just be an accident and we can wash them huh Mommy." I replied..."Ya, we can wash them." she said..."We can not dry them though, just wash them." Ok I need a swift kick in the behind if my three year old worries about me being stressed out because she gets her shoes dirty. For cryin out loud isn't that what most kids do best with their shoes? Yikes JaNae get a clue and lighten up is what I thought to myself.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday to...ME

Just some of the people that i Love and some of the reasons why!

Lauren..what more can i say
Kacie...Fun, creative, Loyal
Shawn&Asher...Best Daddy and Amazing little spirit
Amme&Asher...Cutest sisters that adore eachother
Mom&Asher...two amazing people
Mike&Sherida...You won't find two more driven people, giving, the Bomb!
Bryce&Kelly...amazing brother, unconditional, Kelly talented sister, helpful
Hank, Max & Asher...Funniest, understanding-Max cutie pie, Asher happyMon, Dad, Shawn...Parents giving, united, Shawn unconditional, fun
Maddie,Brandt, Aubs... Maddie cute, fun, helpful, Brandt helpful,kind, non-judgemental, Aubs fun, organized, kind
Tamie...Loving, tender, understanding
Missy, Katie, Camie, Tamie-Missy fun, loving, Katie-kind Camie-fun, sweet, Tamie-fun, open
Shawn& Amme- Shawn-talented,teachable, kind, Amme-Kind, fun, good listener, soft heart

Asher...Fun, soft, playful, sensetive, beautiful

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Asher Kaye

If you like what you see...Keep looking becasue you know how I post. I wait a few months in between posts and then I post a million at one time.

Boston Boston and More Boston

More Pictures of Amme's Program

Brandt giving Shawn a Hair cut!

Brandt shaved his head for his mission so, he talked shawn into shaving his head also. While Brandt was shaving his head Amme said..." Brandt, I didn't know that you cut hair." It was so funny. Then she said..."Daddy, I don't like your hair like that it does not look good. It looks better with the your hair poking up in the front." That was her way of saying I like it better when you have hair and it is styled. Pretty funny.

::Amme's Preschool Program::

Amme had her end of the year pre-school program last night. She has learned so much this past school year. They did a whole program of songs, colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet. Her teacher Mrs. Allred is amazing!! It was so much fun to go and watch. Grandpa, Grandma, Bryce, Kelly, Hank, Aubs,Brandt and Maddie came to support Amme along with Shawn, Asher and I. The first picture is of her and her teacher. Then Amme and I. Then each of them let a butterfly go, Then a picture of her and her grandma and grandpa. And Amme her Daddy and Asher.